Ditched Verizon for Project-Fi

So I and my wife had it with paying $270/mo for Verizon Wireless every month. It makes it a pain because when we go near the Canadian border up by my wife’s hometown, we had to call and pay 35/mo for international coverage. So I was told about Project-Fi by an Android Developer at work. He said it was amazing, and I have to say he was 100% correct. We have coverage just about everywhere in the world. Not to mention when we visit people that had shotty VZ coverage and there’s no USCC coverage we just join their wifi network and BAM phone service!

We have had the phones for a week. We went with the Nexus 5X. At first, we thought the 250 bucks for the phone was a joke, then we realized that we are just used to paying 700 bucks for a phone or 31/mo for 24 months. It was just a shock even more of a shock than having to make the switch from iPhones to Android. My wife has only ever known an iPhone and myself haven’t touched android since Eclair. The learning curve was a little sharp but not that bad. There are some things we miss such as facetime’ing the family but its just a matter of them installing hangouts or Duo as a replacement.

As far as the phone the 5x’s screen is way better than the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s’s screens could dream of. We also really love where the fingerprint reader is. At first, when the Nexus came out and I saw where that was I was like that really odd placement. But then we got them I was like WOW that really makes total sense. I have to say that the Nexus is probably one of the nicest phones I have used.


Let’s talk about the service. So with FI we get coverage of US Cellular, T-Mobile, Sprint and WiFi calling. I have to say that having all these services and the automatic switching is pretty sweet! The coolest feature I have to say is the seamless handoff between WiFi and Cellular. I was on a call in my truck and then pulled in the driveway and all of sudden the call quality improved like crazy. It reminded me of the call quality between two iPhone 6’s. I was on the phone in the house on wifi and was having to run to town and the call switched and I could notice the call quality dropped a little bit but no dropped calls.

Another awesome feature about android is the Block/report spam feature. That is so awesome! Nothing makes me madder than someone calling me to offer me a deal on a radical. One I am only 33 years old and I don’t need help getting around. My number is on the Federal list but that doesn’t seem to help. So now I just hang up and then click on report spam / block caller. I never hear from them and they don’t waste my time.

Another pretty kick ass feature is when you call a number to a business that isn’t in your contacts, google looks it up and updates the call history with the business name. Where has this been for the past 5 years of my life? Google Now is really bad ass. I think it’s actually better than Siri. It’s way more useful than Siri.

Final Thoughts

So in my final Thoughts, this is my initial review of the service. I have already recommended it to about 30 people and about 10 have made the switch. I just hope this isn’t one of the google projects that just goes away. I’m hoping google with keep this up and continue to add networks and services on this. A family plan is in the works. Maybe add a tablet would be great too. I’m not saying drink the kool-aid of google but at least look at it if your sick of paying a TON for data. We were paying 270/mo for 6Gb of data, we now spend 70 for two lines, 3GB of data. Our iPad for the little will now tether but will only cost us an additional 30 bucks for the data versus 200 bucks to have the iPhones and iPad all share the same data. I made the switch, will you?