kubernetes installation on ubuntu

In this article I will show you how to setup kubernetes on ubuntu 14.04 or newer. I recently had to do this for a project. Below are the steps to complete this with a example pod. steps Become Root sudo su - Lets get the pre-requisite software packages installed apt-get update apt-get install ssh apt-get install docker.io apt-get install curl apt-get install git Password-less ssh login setup, accept all the default parameters in the prompt of the below command (required for Kubernetes installation) $ ssh-keygen -t rsa Generating public/private rsa key pair. »

django and docker

This guide shows you how to setup a Django Application and development environment using Docker and Postgres. 1. Install the Docker Toolbox The first step is to install the docker toolbox. On this page, find your platform and run the installation. On a Mac, you’ll be installing Docker, Docker Compose, and Docker Machine. Docker Machine will use a Linux Virtual Machine to actually run Docker. 2. Docker Quickstart Terminal (Mac) If you’re using a Mac, you will want to start working with Docker by opening the Docker Quickstart Terminal. »

a start up story

Creating a startup So I have taken it upon myself to create a startup and see if I can’t get it actually used. So first thing you need is a great Idea that you believe in. Then you need a great pitch no more then 30 seconds to get people excited. You need people you can get excited and keep them excited. These people will become your Team and investors. Everyone you bring on or part of the startup needs to be as excited as you or more excited about the idea. »

letsencrypt yay

letsencrypt This is a amazing product that is opensource. I recently decided that this was going to be the way I get my ssl certificates for everything I do. I was lucky to get into the beta invitation only. It works great. Every 90 days you have regen your certificates but thats not a big deal because they give you tools to do it. Setup So you get this going to your going to need to check out their repo. »

dStar a Great Time!

So I have finally taken the jump in to d*Star. I picked up a Icom ID-51A Plus from the guys over at Ham Radio Outlet. Digital Modes have interested me for a while. Since I live more than 30 miles from the nearest d*Star repeater, I picked up a DVAP 2meter Dongle. So my d*Star setup is a raspberry pi b+ v2 + DVAP 2m and my Icom ID-51A Plus radio. »