a start up story

Creating a startup

So I have taken it upon myself to create a startup and see if I can’t get it actually used. So first thing you need is a great Idea that you believe in. Then you need a great pitch no more then 30 seconds to get people excited. You need people you can get excited and keep them excited. These people will become your Team and investors. Everyone you bring on or part of the startup needs to be as excited as you or more excited about the idea.

Step Number Two

The technology your going to use. This is the next important bit. You should really evaluate your past experiences. For example I use to work for a company thats Ideas of scaling wasn’t true scaling, but just turn up more machines with out justification. At this step METRICS are going to be your life. You will want to make you everything measurable. Everything and I mean everything. You want metrics on how long it takes to install your base system, how long it takes to build docker containers. How much resources every single action takes. This allows you to scale effectively and to plan on how much time it will take you recover from a reddit front page. You will want to see how long for example it takes a payment to process in the foreground versus kicking it off in the back ground.

Metrics should become your ZEN and you shouldn’t make a single business choice without metrics proving or disproving any trends or ideas. Then tie that to a dollar amount. Everything costs you money and If its going to take you 30 minutes to recover or spin up enough servers to handle the load from reddit or tech crunch and that is costing you $30.00/second then that 30 minutes really costs you $54,000 not to mention a bad user experience.

User experience

This is the most important thing period. You could have the greatest full stack and deployment powers. If you don’t have the best user experience you will not have customers of user your product. If you don’t have customers or people wanting to use your product guess what you don’t have any money. You can also have the greatest customer experience and not have the functionality on the backend for the experience. People would rather have a great experience then a functional one. Make sure you design your product in mind for the market that your trying to hit. Example you would design something for the 18 to 35 crowd differently than for the 35 to 65 crowd. The old the customer the more they just want things to work versus the younger crowd that understands things break.

Stay Tuned for more Startup Tips.