How to Setup Google SSO and AWS

This article contains the files needed to wire up our Google Apps SSO to aws. Enorder to setup the AWS sso in additional accounts you will need the following tools: Aws Account keys with Admin access Google Admin access aws cli tools Setup Google Apps First we will need to setup a Custom Schema element to hold role information for our users. By default, when you map attributes for SAML apps the pass Role to AWS you’ll only be able to select from existing attribute on your users. »

Ditched Verizon for Project-Fi

So I and my wife had it with paying $270/mo for Verizon Wireless every month. It makes it a pain because when we go near the Canadian border up by my wife’s hometown, we had to call and pay 35/mo for international coverage. So I was told about Project-Fi by an Android Developer at work. He said it was amazing, and I have to say he was 100% correct. We have coverage just about everywhere in the world. »

kubernetes installation on ubuntu

In this article I will show you how to setup kubernetes on ubuntu 14.04 or newer. I recently had to do this for a project. Below are the steps to complete this with a example pod. steps Become Root sudo su - Lets get the pre-requisite software packages installed apt-get update apt-get install ssh apt-get install apt-get install curl apt-get install git Password-less ssh login setup, accept all the default parameters in the prompt of the below command (required for Kubernetes installation) $ ssh-keygen -t rsa Generating public/private rsa key pair. »

letsencrypt yay

letsencrypt This is a amazing product that is opensource. I recently decided that this was going to be the way I get my ssl certificates for everything I do. I was lucky to get into the beta invitation only. It works great. Every 90 days you have regen your certificates but thats not a big deal because they give you tools to do it. Setup So you get this going to your going to need to check out their repo. »