With Change Comes Adventure

The title says it all. There is has been a great change in my life. I have left the company I have been at for the past approx 7 years. I have worked with some great people, learned a lot. I have also learned what it means to make something scalable. I have learned a lot of what not to do. I’m looking forward to moving into more of a System Engineering role where I can focus on scaling application and cloud designed.

I have left Symplicity Corporation. I have made a lateral move to CenturyLink Cloud as a Senior System Engineer. In my new position I will still be working with clients and infrastructures. I will get the ability to get behind a application platform that scales to 57 datacenter and 10,000 of thousands of clients. I will be able to move into DevOps or Automation in the future.


I could list a million reasons why I have left Symplicity. It all comes down to the events for the past couple of years. Starting with the CEO and CTO getting charged with computer crimes. Human Resources promising career paths over and over and never delivering. No support for Professional development. Massive Turn over rates across the board. Lack of quality hires and hoping that craigslist is going to give rockstar devops and system engineers. Fear of growth and change. People being leaders that try their best only to fall short of being great leaders. Lack of a CTO and CIO to drive developers and sysadmins to greatness is really hurting the company.

Well they sought me out and their processes I have been greatly impressed with. They have a definitive goal and markets they want to get to. Their perks are great. Professional Development, Health Insurance and Pay is amazing. There interview process is designed to filtered out a lot of crap applicants. It starts off by two phone technical interviews and then Team Manager phones you. Then you get flown to Seattle for a interview Loop that is 5 people, one person from the team, 2 other employees that you might interact with. Then the VP of the division talks with you and then Team Manager talks with you again. You only move on in the loop if the last person to interview likes you and feels that you fit in. There Customers are number 1 in thier book and there employees are number 1 also. They are building a culture that they are very very picky about who can join it and help build it.

I’m looking forward to where this career path is going to take me. Right now its very very promising from Century Link Cloud.